We use only the most prestige sunless products on the market. We use Norvell solutions and products which are organic,vegan, 100% nut and gluten free. Norvell is the leading manufacturer in the country but has also partnered with ABC on the new “Dancing with the Stars” Sunless Tanning Collection. Inquire with your Spray Tan Specialist.

Norvell products contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is the bronzing agent in most sunless tanners and also in bronzer tanning lotions.  When DHA is applied the skin; a dark brown tan forms in approximately 4-6hours and continues to darken for 16-18hours (?). The color of your sunless tan is completely INDIVIDUAL. Nothing is absolute when it comes to variations of skin types, coloration, and how long it will last or how dark you will get. Every skin type is different. The color you achieve is a perfect blend of your natural skin tone along with the reaction of DHA. The tan becomes water-resistant, however exposure to high levels of abrasive soaps, detergent filled body washes and chlorine is discouraged. Exposure to such factors will expedite the natural process of exfoliation which on average is 4-6 days.

Another important factor in achieving a sunless tan is the pH levels of the skin. pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of the solution. An alkaline, or high pH in our skin, causes the DHA to become more orange, wheres a slightly acidic pH reduces this color problem turning more golden brown. Stage 28 offers a “pH Prep Spray” for an additional “add-on”. pH “Prep Spray” balances the acidity of your skin. If the skins acidity is too high the exfoliation will occur more rapidly.

Along with DHA, our solutions contain cosmetic bronzers. Cosmetic bronzers are instant bronzers. Similar to the effects of make-up, cosmetic bronzers are rusted to add instant color to the skin, evening out tones and hiding imperfections. Norvell solutions have water soluble cosmetic bronzers and will wash out of majority of fabrics. Its best to wear dark, loose fitting clothing.

View our Norvell color chart to pick out the color that you desire to accomplish. 


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  • We accept all forms of payment including cards, checks & Square

  • Shower/exfoliate/shave - best at least 5 hrs before sunless tan

  • Don’t apply deodorant or lotion

  • Avoid using DOVE soap in the shower

  • Remove all make-up

  • Schedule Mani/pedi/wax day before tan

  • Women- you are free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in or go in the nude. We provide disposable thongs if needed.

  • Men- wear briefs or boxers

   *Bring dark loose clothing and flip flops to wear at your session.



  • Rapid: Wait at least 3-5 hours *FAIR SKIN: Shower in 2 hours or judge you color and shower accordingly

  • Raid Olive Skin: 3 hours

  • Original: Wait at least 8-10 hours

  • Do not sweat or touch water

  • Do not apply foundation or lotion

  • Do not wear form-fitting clothing

  • After FIRST shower, apply a WATER based lotion (St.Ives, Aveeno, Hempz) twice daily to maintain your tan



  • Moisturize twice daily with WATER based lotion.

  • Do not rub skin with towel - pat dry.

  • Do not use exfoliating scrub until tan is ready to be scrubbed off.



{The faster you remove the color before it sets in, the better results you will have removing}

  • Apply a little baking soda directly to the darker area and gently scrub until color is softened

  • Unpainted fingernails/toenails can be discolored from sunless tanner. Try nail polish remover.

  • To prevent staining fingernails in the future, use a clear coat polish before tan

  • Try hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and run dark areas

  • Exfoliating bath gloves/cloth

  • Fake Bake Exfoliating Wipes



  • If you have sensitive skin, we suggest spraying a test spot

  • Always apply sunscreen.

  • If bridal booking, best to book consultation spray 2 weeks prior to wedding.




We accept all forms of payment including cards, checks, cash, Square & Venmo.

*Do I tip? It is not mandatory, but is appreciated.


No Shows & Cancellations within 24 hours of session time will forfeit their deposit.


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